The application that offers an easy access to autopilot for DJI drones.
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Available on the App Store for iPad.

Available on the App Store

Smart autopilot


Put your waypoints just by taping the position on the map or by pushing the button on your RC while flying !
You can save your flightplans and load & launch it afterward !

Compatible Aircrafts

Phantom 4, Phantom 3 4K, Phantom 3 Professional, Phantom 3 Advanced, Phantom 3 Standard, Inspire RAW, Inspire 1 & Inspire 1 PRO

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A complete and intuitive interface.


    Control recovery at any time

    You can fly any automatic mission safely thanks to the "Control Recovery" button. It allows you to immediatly stop any mission and get the aircraft control back.


    "Pause" your flight plans

    You need time to calibrate your camera or you missed some important shots ? Don't worry. With this new feature, you can pause, rewind, and resume any flight plan !


    Battery Life Estimation

    Don't ever fall out of battery power thanks to Drone Volt Pilot®. It provides a special utility to make you see if your mission is to ambitious for your battery life.


    Flight limits

    Don't be afraid of losing sight of your aircraft anymore. You can now set some security variables like the flight max height or the flight max distance from the home point.


    No-Fly-Zones Management

    We provide in our app the maximum security we can by using the DJI No-Fly-Zones system to make you avoid flying over restricted areas.

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FAQ & Troubleshooting

I have troubles to connect to the Drone and the application seems to not work correctly:

Before starting DroneVolt Pilot please be sure that you have closed DJI Go, or any application that can connect to your drone. Connect your IPAd to the remote controller, turn on the drone. Check that the drone is connected to the remote controller: if the LED on the remote is RED the drone is not connected and you have to bind the drone with the remote. For that please read the user manual of your drone.

Can I use the follow me if my IPad doesn’t have a built in GPS ?

To use the follow me you need either a built in GPS (only available on cellular IPad) or an external GPS receiver connected to your IPad.

Mode F

To start any automatic mission you have to put the three positions switch of the remote controller on mode F. If you want to abort the mission and have the controls back you can switch back to A or P position and you will get the controls back instantly.

Is DroneVolt Pilot compatible with Matrice 100 ?

No but we are working on a professional app which will be compatible with the Matrice 100, please contact us for more information about our professional offers.


Gallery and Panorama functionalities are only compatible with Phantom 3 Pro, Inspire 1 and Inspire 1 Pro.

Inspire 1 and second screen

DroneVolt Pilot is not compatible with a second screen yet.